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Learning and support

Head Teacher: Mrs S. Rahim

Learning support faculty

The learning support faculty caters for a wide spectrum of students’ learning needs along a continuum that encompasses cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. All students receive equitable access to curriculum through identification of their learning needs, learning styles, scaffolding, differentiation and adjustments. Through a collaborative and consultative approach, students are provided with ample opportunity to reach their potential in all aspects of their learning.

Programs and Support

Learning and support teacher (LaST)

The Learning and Support Teachers (LaST) work across all faculties and offer strategies, resources and practices to ensure all students are given equitable opportunities to achieve their potential.

LaST work in collaboration with the students, parents/caregivers and the wider school community, implementing adjustments, making modifications and referrals to cater for the specific learning needs of students.

The LaST provide in class support through team teaching, assistance with assessment tasks in the school’s Junior Learning Centre, observations and formulation of personalised learning plans (PLaSP), personalised learning pathway (PLP), behaviour plans and at times, where required, withdrawal of small group or individual students to develop their skills in a particular area. In addition to this, the faculty consults and liaises on a needs basis with a range of support agencies and specialist personnel in order to provide adequate teaching and learning strategies for individual student learning and support needs. The faculty is also responsible for administering NAPLAN Testing, Year 10 Minimum Standard Test, organising special provisions for assessments and examinations and collating information for the National Consistent Collection of Data for students with disabilities.

The LaST work in consultation with the respective Deputy Principal and the Head Teacher Learning and Wellbeing for their stages, attend regular meetings and ensure referrals are in place to the Placement Allocation Team.

School Learning Support Officers

School Learning Support Officers (SLSO) provide support to students requiring assistance in the development of basic academic and social skills. The SLSO assist in the implementation of instructional strategies, supporting students during the break times, monitoring student progress, assisting students under classroom teacher direction, consulting with classroom teachers and head teachers regarding strategies for students and supporting students participating in specialised programs at alternative settings for example TAFE. Individualised Reading Program such as the Multi-Lit program is provided to students to improve their reading skills and Reading Age.


The Accelerated Reader Program is offered by the fully resourced school library and the teacher librarians help implement the program to improve students’ reading and comprehension skills. The Star Reading Test is implemented as a pre and post- test to measure the student progress.
Role of Learning Support Faculty:

  • assess and monitor the learning progress of identified students throughout their secondary schooling.
  • Team Teaching, observations and providing recommendations based on the specific needs of the students and provision of alternative pathways, including Life Skills mode of study.
  • Provide additional support through the school’s Junior Learning Centre to complete assessment tasks, catch up on incomplete work and provide activities to improve motor skills.
  • Monitor and evaluate the learning and support needs of individual students, through Personalised Learning and Support Plans (PLaSPs)
  • Provide professional development to staff regarding adjustments and differentiation to teaching and learning strategies and behaviour management through disability data collection (PDF 345KB).
  • Work closely with the Learning and Wellbeing Team to assist in the transition of students with additional needs.
  • Liaise and collaborate with staff, student and the wider school community to ensure that the necessary adjustments are made for students identified with a learning and/or support needs in line with the Disability Discrimination Act and the Learning and Wellbeing Framework.
  • Implement Multi-Lit Reading Program.
  • Coordinate NAPLAN and Year 10 Minimum Standard test.
  • Ensure our obligations are met under the Disability Discrimination Act and the Disability Standards for Education.