Fairvale High School

Focused. Aspiring. Inclusive. Respectful.

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Fairvale High facts


Mrs Seto, Kathleen

International Student Coordinator: Ms Mayra Hernandez

Total number of students: Approx. 1389

Fairvale High epitomises its ethos of tradition, care and innovation. Since its establishment, the school has evolved into a large, dynamic, multicultural high school that has continuously set an outstanding record in academic, cultural, social and sporting excellence.

By providing a range of specialised and dedicated staff as well as modern and leading-edge facilities and services, Fairvale High's values of ensuring a supportive and caring environment for all students is unmistakable.

English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D)

  • Trained and experienced EAL/D teachers

Student support services

  • Comprehensively resourced library
  • Junior and Senior Learning Centres
  • After School Tuition
  • Weekly international student meetings
  • Dedicated international student team

Languages taught

  • Mandarin
  • French and Spanish (beginners, continuers and extension)

Special facilities

  • Well-appointed performing arts studio, creative spaces and language laboratories
  • Innovative home economics, industrial technology and science facilities
  • Spacious and well-equipped sporting gym, indoor/outdoor facilities

Special programs

  • Accelerated and highly competitive mathematics courses
  • Well-guided vocational and higher educational support links
  • Student engagement support
  • Student leadership and volunteering opportunities

Academic achievements - 2018 HSC results

  • Our dux was Jason Khu with an ATAR of 99.3
  • 70% of students gained entry into university and TAFE

Awards - top international student ATARs

  • 96.15 - Quang Khan Ha Pham (Vietnam)
  • 91.70 - Phalla Ratanak Kim (Cambodia)

Local area features

Located 33km west of the Sydney CBD, the city of Fairfield  home to Fairvale High, neighbours a number of vibrant and diverse suburbs.

There are over 133 nationalities and over 70 languages groups - including Asian, European and Middle Eastern. Excellent transport systems allow easy access to a number of major surrounding city centres.