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Year 7 2022 Orientation Information

Life at Fairvale High School 

Please watch the video below to see what our school offers for our students, with teacher interviews and students who will tell you what you can expect in 2022!

Year 7 2022 Year Advisers

Hi Year 7 2022,

My name is Miss Casha and I will be one of your Year Advisers for next year. I am here to help make your transition to high school as smooth as possible. You will be able to find me in the Social Sciences staffroom upstairs in Wright block. You can come to me if you are having any issues, such as friendship issues or if you generally just aren't feeling too good. I look forward to meeting all of you next year!

Ms Casha

Year Adviser for Year 7 2022

Social Sciences Staffroom

Hello and welcome to our Year 7 2022 cohort!

I am sure that right now you are experiencing a mixture of feelings about the next chapter of your education! My name is Ms Kourahanis and I am very excited to be one of your Year Advisers. Fairvale High School is a fantastic school and I can promise you that you will make many memories here in the next six years.

My job is to support you, listen to you and help you on your journey in transitioning to high school. You can find me in the Diverse Learning staffroom which is located downstairs in Florey Block.

I am looking forward to meeting you all but until then enjoy your last days of primary school and stay safe.

Ms Kourahanis

Year Adviser for Year 7 2022

Diverse Learning Staffroom