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Year 8: Subject selection for Year 9 and 10 (Stage 5)

Year 8 Subject Selection 


Subject selections for Year 9 2024 and Year 10 2025

Year 8 students are taking the next steps to Stage 5 and a more independent phase of their high school journey. In Years 9 and 10 students study two elective subjects of their choosing for the duration of Stage 5. This allows students to focus on building their knowledge and skills in those two electives with 200 hours for each course over two years. Fairvale High School offers over 30 different courses for year 9 students so there is a diverse range of choices that will cater for all students’ interests, abilities and aspirations.

The most important consideration will be to think about which subjects you have enjoyed studying at school so far. Choose courses that you enjoy and will look forward to studying for two additional years with more focus.