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Trials HSC Alternative Tasks

Trials HSC Alternative Tasks

 Trials HSC Alternative Tasks will take place via Online delivery whilst learning from home in weeks 7 and 8. CLICK HERE FOR THE TIMETABLE. 

  • ​There will be no change to assessment weightings. 
  • Week 6 will be a Study/Revision Week. 
  • If a student is unwell on the day of a task,  a medical certificate must be supplied in order for an appeal to be upheld. (sleeping in is not a valid reason!)
  • Students must ensure they have appropriate technology and internet access. If they don't they must contact DP Fountis immediately. 

HSC Trials Alternative Tasks Instructions

General Instructions

● Each faculty/subject will run their task in a structure that has been outlined in the assessment notification you have been emailed. Follow the instructions on this notification. Email your teacher if you are unsure about anything.

● Teachers will not really be looking at your work while you are completing each task, they will look at it carefully when marking. They will simply be looking out to help you or if you are doing something that is not allowed.

● Not reading your emails is not an excuse to not participate in and complete the HSC Trial Alternative Tasks.

● Ensure you have a laptop with a camera (for the subjects that require it) and reliable internet access. Email DP Fountis if you do not ASAP.

● Faculties have been running practice sessions so that you are familiar with the process. Engage with these sessions.

Special Provisions

● Special provisions will be run through zooms which will be organised Ms E Enwiya (stage 6 Learning and Support Teacher). You will be informed by Ms Enwiya via email what the link will be.

● The Special Provisions zooms may also have a co-host from the subject area/faculty to provide subject specific advice to student/s.

SLR and Visual Design

● You will complete submitted tasks that will be due week 10.

● The notification will be emailed to you in week 8.


● You will be notified shortly about these tasks and task requirements.

● Multiple Choice tests to be run in your timetabled Mathematics classes in week 9.

● Tuesday 7/9/21 - Mathematics Advanced & Mathematics Standard Course 2 (& possibly Numeracy CEC).

● Wednesday 8/9/21 - Mathematics Ext 1.

● Monday 14/9/21 - Mathematics Extension 2. 

Illness and Misadventure

● As is the case with your assessments in the past, if you are unwell or something serious happens which means you cannot attend these Tasks, you must seek medical attention and attain a medical certificate or suitable proof.

● Inform Ms Fountis, deputy principal, and your class teacher immediately

● We will lodge illness/misadventure paperwork with NESA.

● Failure to provide proof will result in a zero, but please be in contact with Ms Fountis as there are extenuating circumstances that may apply to your individual situation.

● Most importantly of all, your health comes first. Just get the medical or other documentation required and we will take care of the rest.

Read the HSC Trials Alternative Tasks Instructions in our Community Languages:

Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt Nam)

Arabic (العربية )