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Starting high school is a time of new experiences as you adjust to a new school, make new friends and get used to having different teachers and classrooms for each subject. On this page you will find many things that will help you make a smooth transition into high school.

Your 1st stop - check out our Fairvale High School student diary

Starting high school is an exciting time for students and their parents.

Going to high school will be a new experience for your child. The school is likely to be much bigger than the primary school and your child may feel a little insecure at first. Instead of being a senior in a small school, they are now a beginner in a big school. However, it is also an exciting time with many opportunities and a broader curriculum.

Each year our students are given a school diary with important information in it. Have a look at a sample  year diary (PDF 2150KB) to get started. 


00:01 [Music]

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00:25 you're probably thinking right now that

00:27 high school is a lot bigger than primary

00:29 but that doesn't mean you have to get

00:31 lost in the crowd you might have noticed

00:33 the kids in high school were a lot

00:34 bigger too but they'll help you out if

00:37 you need it

00:38 we're in your seven now but a couple of

00:40 months ago we were where you are feeling

00:42 a bit scared and a bit excited we want

00:45 to show you that high school can be

00:47 really awesome we'll show you around our

00:49 school and show you what it has to offer

00:51 but all high schools are different so

00:53 you have to check out what's on offer at

00:55 your school here's what you'll learn

00:57 English maths science human society in

01:03 its environment

01:04 creative arts languages technological

01:07 and applied studies and personal

01:09 development health and physical

01:11 education you all know about English and

01:14 maths but science no marine science labs

01:17 protective gear and cool experience in

01:19 year seven and eight you study history

01:21 and geography in HSI a creative arts

01:24 includes music dance drama visual arts

01:28 visual design photographic and digital

01:31 media

01:31 Skinner come up one Eliska in a comical

01:34 walk me home goodness howdy bad dog

01:36 languages are heaps of fun and you might

01:38 get to travel overseas or exchange

01:41 students might come to you technological

01:43 and applied studies which we call Taz

01:45 could include design and technology food

01:48 technology industrial technology

01:51 information software textiles

01:53 agricultural technology and would work

01:56 PTH PE is personal development health

01:59 and physical education we change into a

02:01 sports uniform for this sport is

02:03 different in every high school but you

02:05 will get some really cool choices with

02:07 whatever you like doing you'll usually

02:10 have a different teacher for each

02:11 subject

02:12 and one for roll call as well you carry

02:16 our bags to classes with you most

02:18 schools also have lockers or other

02:20 places where you can store things

02:21 classes run for about 45 minutes and

02:24 Accord periods sometimes you have double

02:27 periods too so you can really get stuck

02:29 into something use several inator

02:30 introductions to high school subjects so

02:32 you can really get a taste of everything

02:34 that's black up cake I made that would

02:37 you do that for years 7 & 8 really

02:40 matter you develop new skills and ways

02:42 of thinking that set you up for the rest

02:44 of your high school years in your rate

02:46 you choose electives for years 9 and 10

02:49 in year 10 you choose subjects to study

02:51 for years 11 and 12 when you start

02:54 school you will save a timetable it

02:56 looks complicated but it actually tells

02:58 you where you are meant to be and what

03:00 you're studying at what time whatever

03:02 fun you have in the classroom there's

03:04 even more fun going on outside the

03:06 classroom here's also offered our school

03:08 for extracurricular activities

03:13 I left the ring here's what happens at

03:18 lunchtime and recess

03:28 [Music]

03:32 so here's our top tips on how to have a

03:35 great first year at high school number

03:37 one making friends in high school really

03:42 isn't that hard joining clubs is a great

03:44 way of meeting people from all the

03:46 different years the most important thing

03:48 is just to be yourself

03:49 even if you're bringing your primary

03:51 school friends with you high school is a

03:53 great opportunity to meet new people I

03:55 first met my best friend at year 7 can

03:58 you make friends easily when you get

04:00 involved in activities your school

04:02 offers this leads to the next tip try

04:05 something new high school is full of

04:07 possibilities

04:08 you really don't know what can come of

04:09 it in high school you're expected to be

04:12 more independent and organised so you

04:14 need to use a diary have plenty of

04:16 copies of your timetable around and

04:18 colour code your subjects

04:20 if it helps most nights you'll have

04:22 homework so starting a regular study

04:24 routine is a good idea set up a quiet

04:26 place at home where you can work without

04:28 distractions know when your assignments

04:30 are due and plan what you have to get

04:32 done

04:32 write to-do lists for homework and

04:34 assignments and tick them off as you

04:36 finish each task ask teachers for help

04:39 with assignments if you need in so now

04:42 you're sure to have a great year

04:44 [Applause]

04:48 [Music]