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​Head Teacher Sport: Mr D. Di Yorio

Years 7 – 11 integrated sport

Fairvale High School runs weekly Years 7-11 sport using an integrated sporting model. In this model, students in Years 7-11 participate in various sporting activities for two periods per week taught by specialist Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE) teachers. To ensure maximum engagement, the PDHPE faculty vary the way sport is delivered in each year.

Some variations throughout the years involve:

  • streamed classes that have a four-week sport focus and rotation
  • competitive and recreational sport
  • class V’s class competitions
  • House Sport Challenges
  • World Cup events.

All year groups have a sport scope and sequence and all results, draws and administration of these competitions are coordinated by the Integrated Sports Organiser under the direction of the Head Teacher PDHPE. 

Sport and physical activity is a valued and accepted part of our school's curriculum, contributing to the development of the whole child. It provides a vehicle for social, physical, emotional and moral learning and is an important expression of our culture.

There are also opportunities to represent our school at inter-school sports competitions. As a NSW public school, we benefit from the opportunities for shared activities and competitions with other schools, coordinated by school sport associations. Fairvale High School is a member of the Lansdowne Zone School Sports Association, Sydney South West Schools Sports Association and NSW Combined High Schools Sports Association. Please see the School Sport Unit website for details.

Fairvale students participate in swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals. Students have the opportunity to qualify as a member of the school team who represent Fairvale at zone, regional and state levels.

Furthermore, Fairvale takes part in of the NSW Combined High Schools Sports Association knockout competitions as well as entering a variety of independent state tournaments. Providing the opportunities for our students to participate in competitive sport at the state level.

All students are given the opportunity to trial for the school Combined High School knockout teams which include:

  • AFL
  • athletics
  • basketball
  • football
  • futsal
  • handball
  • netball
  • Oz Tag
  • rugby league
  • table tennis
  • tennis
  • touch football
  • triathlon
  • volleyball.

Fairvale has a rich sporting culture and we are very proud of our achievements. We have had many sporting successes including students who have reached state and national levels in a variety of sports.

We have been the Lansdowne Zone Cross Country and Athletics Champions for 5 years straight (2018).

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